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Tales in digital architecture written by Matthias Vandermaesen

December reboot

So, December has kicked off. It’s a nice opportunity to do a reboot as we approach the end of the year. I’m active in the field of GLAM institutions. Galleries, libraries, archives and Museums. As a digital specialist, I’m involved in the ongoing digitisation or automatisation of processes within these organisations. Coming from the private sector, I apply my experience of realising digital projects of various scale and size for a wide variety of clients, on a daily basis on an operational level. Doing a blog series about the experience of these past few years has been on a my wish list for a while now.

Converting data formats for fun and profit

Publishing structured data on the Web is a hot topic these days. XML and JSON are go-to formats for HTTP endpoints, because they can be easily consumed by machines. However, these formats are less wieldable for humans though. So, how can we extract data from an XML or JSON document without heavy duty coding?

Taming breadcrumbs in Drupal

Breadcrumbs are one of those components on a website that don’t always get the attention they deserve. If done right, they can become a valuable asset. But if thrown in as an afterthought, they can turn into another nail of a projects’ coffin.

How to integrate Drupal with Angularjs

Is it easy to expose data stored in Drupal and use it in a web application? Of course it is! But how do you make Drupal and AngularJS play nice together? I decided to record an introductory screencast that answers this question.

Taking baby steps with AngularJS

I’ve been joining the AngularJS bandwagon lately. Why? Because modern browsers and devices can do so much more besides merely rendering static HTML. And client side frameworks are excellent companions for processig raw server side API output. Here’s what I’ve come to learn.

Adventures in voxels and Javascript

A few weeks ago, I decided to try out something completely different: a foray in javascript and gaming. Colleague @frankbaele spent the better part of last year tinkering with JavaScript and basic game development. Pretty much inspired, I decided to try and do the same.

The Translated Entity Reference module

A few weeks ago, I ran into an issue with the Entity Reference module and the Internationalization suite. A client with a project featuring content in multiple languages, wanted the autocomplete widget only to show suggestions in the active language. On the surface, this didn’t look like an exceptional request, but the process to devise a good solution became quite interesting.

Easily deploy WordPress with Capistrano and Composer

Over the past decade, I’ve been writing my personal lifelog on I started out using Movable Type but switched to WordPress soon after. Deployment of updates has always been a nagging problem. I went through the painstaking motions using FTP, SCP and other tools. Oftentimes, I would forego an upgrade because the process of ugprading was just too time consuming.