About me

I'm a 40-something software architect living in Bruges, Belgium. I like tinkering with computers and programming. I work at the Ghent University Library where I help building and maintaining applications and infrastructure in order to facilitate digital library services. Over the past 15+ years, I've been employed in various private companies and public organizations donning purely technical as well as many other hats.

I obtained a master in History (University Ghent, 2003) and a post-graduate degree in Applied Informatics (University, Ghent 2004).

I try to keep this blog mostly centered around technical and programming related topics. I might digress from time to time as I take forays in digital and open culture as well. I also keep a personal lifelog (Dutch).


Matthias Vandermaesen


Matthias Vandermaesen : (he/him/his) Tinkering, toying and geeking out in Bruges.

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